Sunday, 19 December 2010

UTAU Shadowlina Updated Voicebank

Solved alot of bugs in Shadolwina's Voice.  Her lagging issuse has been attended to and hence forth a new download is gonna be made for people to download her from!

She was able to sing o-pyu-nya with her voice in its current state where as prevously she could not even say the first part of that song beacause of the long breaths in her voice.

I also cleared up some of her pronosiasions like she would say A wrong! how i done that i dont no and I sounded like E and O was wierd and so was U So she is Very much on the mend. She has a Strange voice change at higher notes like she goes from a very Male like voice to a INCREDIBLE girly and childish voice. When my latest Song is uploaded on youtube you shall see what i mean. xD

anyways Please enjoy this voicebank whist i go and play around with it :D

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