Sunday, 19 December 2010

UTAU Shadowlina Updated Voicebank

Solved alot of bugs in Shadolwina's Voice.  Her lagging issuse has been attended to and hence forth a new download is gonna be made for people to download her from!

She was able to sing o-pyu-nya with her voice in its current state where as prevously she could not even say the first part of that song beacause of the long breaths in her voice.

I also cleared up some of her pronosiasions like she would say A wrong! how i done that i dont no and I sounded like E and O was wierd and so was U So she is Very much on the mend. She has a Strange voice change at higher notes like she goes from a very Male like voice to a INCREDIBLE girly and childish voice. When my latest Song is uploaded on youtube you shall see what i mean. xD

anyways Please enjoy this voicebank whist i go and play around with it :D

Monday, 29 November 2010


Hey there! i am the creater of shadowlina akbel, so yo. Anyways here i am with news :D
Shadowlina akbel's voicebank is now avalible for download, HOWEVER. there are tons of bugs in her voice bank atm. so download with care please.
Atm her voicebank is ONLY in romaji, feel free to translate it, it would be greatly apreciated.

Anyways I hope you like her voice bank, there is a image of her in her voicebank.... somewhere....

Anyways please enjoy her voicebank, will be updating her when i can!! D: